Our Approach

Here at Ilos Partners we understand that every organization is unique and as such their automation journey will be as well.

It is therefore our mission to be with you every step of the way and help you to improve your organization's processes and workflows with our proven 5 Step Approach  to automation. 


We will sit down with your team during a  Free initial consultation meeting in order to identity internal workflows that are prime for automations and compile a list of them.


We will gather all of your requirements for the automation in our Process Definition Document (PDD) and calculate your expected savings. We will then only proceed to development once we get your approval that everything you want is listed in the document.


Our team will begin work on developing your automation. We will then thoroughly test it to ensure that it is performing exactly as expected.


A final confirmation is made that the automation is performing as expected and the bot is deployed into Production to run live.


We will ensure that your automation continues to run without issues and are available for any future enhancements or features you might want to add to the automation.

Our Clients

These are some of the clients our team members have worked with in the past